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The immense researches held at the labs and long experiments conducted at our mills have resulted in creation of our unique single shot super sizing formulations.D. It provides better and easy desizing which results in better absorbency thus providing the best colour value in dyeing and printing.Swiss Formulations, headed by Mr. SWISPOL is starch that is modified and processed to be used for various sizing operations in paper and textile industries. So you can now enhance the quality and productivity of your goods by our products.Single Shot Super Sizing Formulation:Single Shot Super Sizing Formulation, developed at Swiss Formulations, is eco-friendly product processed from maize starch and is free from PCP, urea and formaldehyde.A.

 Our SWISPOL product is standardized by Textile Units for their count and construction varieties. With enhanced weaving efficiency it increases the productivity by reducing hairyness with better covering of the surface of cotton or blended yarn.Swiss Formulations is the leading manufacturer of chemicals needed for various textile purposes in textile industries. With better elongation property that it greatly increases the strength of the yarn.SWISPOL-SIZE ULTIMATE:SWISPOL is the innovative research product developed at Swiss Formulations after immense research and experiments conducted at its labs and mills.This product consists of modified starch which is remodified under critical process conditions and blended with special swiss formulated polymer thus resulting in the SWISPOL formula-I with wide range of applications for textile processing, paper processing.

cotton textile sizing, paper sizing.SWISPOL is an eco-friendly product formulated as per European standard, GOTS, which gives the best weaving efficiency even at highest speeds on modern looms.Shah, who has vast experience in textile industry, believes in simple philosophy of “Success through growth and goodwill” making it one of the leading players of chemical manufacturing for textile needs in textile industry. SWISPOL gives the ultimate sizing formula for super fine, coarser and fine yarn from 30S to 100S, 4S to 30S and other.

This product not only reduces the sizing costs and desizing costs but also gives the best quality product with lowest warp break.We can satisfy your needs for the best chemicals for your textile industries by our unique and best featured products as stated above. Our single shot sizing formulations include SWISPOL sizing formula for yarn from 30S to 100S, 4S to 30S, SWISPOL sizing formula for Terry Towel Yarn, SWISPOL sizing formula for PV / PC & Polyester Spun Yarn. Chemicals manufactured at Swiss Formulations best serve the purposes like textile weaving, textile sizing, cotton PEX-AL-PEX Pipe yarn sizing, starch based sizing in textile industries.

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